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DPF can also meet all of your engineering needs, from inspections and removals to servicing, repairs, refurbishing, cleaning and more....

What makes DPF the DI Press Specialist?...

Expertise and approach, all DPF engineers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of an extensive range of DI presses and come from Heidelberg, KBA and other professional, industry backgrounds. DPF stock only quality DI presses with low impression counts. All DPF presses are inspected and print tested before purchase. If approved, presses are brought back to DPF where they undergo our intensive refurbishment programme. Including re-spray, intensive hand cleaning and complete replacement of all damaged or worn components with new. Only when we are 100% happy are DPF DI presses deemed fit for resale and are advertised as ready to leave our premises, with the latest RIP technology, training, warranty and after sales support.

Cleaned, Checked and Approved...

All DPF DI presses undergo a vigorous cleaning procedure, ensuring all components are free of the grime that can increase component wear and tear and decrease print quality. Checked means that presses have gone through our full mechanical checklist which covers over 100 components. We always print test each press thoroughly to ensure quality and complete satisfaction.

Print Testing

Customers who are truly interested in a particular press model may be invited to print test a job of their choice in a live demonstration, no hidden gimmicks. Just bring the job on Disk and see the quality of a press for yourself.

The install

Our team of qualified engineers will ensure that transit to your company is smooth and professional. We do a thorough inspection of your premises before delivery to ensure that the press can be sited safely with a little disruption as possible and that there is sufficient room to operate the press successfully. We will also check that electrical supply etc is adequate for the press and will answer any questions regarding the installation. On the day of installation the press is fully re-commissioned and print tested to both our and the customers satisfaction.

We then begin RIP and press training, the schedule and amount of training is arranged with the customer to suit their needs. Most machines are guaranteed delivered and installed from order within a six week period.

After Care

There could be no worse situation to find yourself in than to have made such a big investment, completed your training and to still find you are left with a machine that you are not confident in running. This is where DPF come second to none. We can provide further training if required, until you feel fully confident. We can provide you with telephone and visual support whilst you get properly accustomed to how your press works. We can return at a time you feel would be best, to refresh you on everything and answer any further questions you may have.

In the unfortunate event you do have a problem on the press, we will guarantee a response within 24 hours to attempt to diagnose the problem and formulate the best plan of action to get you back up and running as urgently as possible. Should the problem require a visit, we will endevour to have an engineer onsite within 48 hours
in the UK.

(Visit times will vary for customers outside the UK).

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