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What is Digital Print?

DPF deal in the very best used DI (direct imaging) digital Presses.
The following information is designed to provide a brief explanation of the main forms of digital printing and the presses used in production...

DI Press"Digital Printing" is a term used to describe any printing system that produces an end image from an original digital electronic file. The two kinds of equipment used to produce digital printing are the Direct Imaging Press (DI) and the Digital Color Printer.

A DI press is used for high speed, high quality, short to medium run lengths. DPF are experts in the process and machinery of DI printing & source and supply only the very best used DI presses available today. A Digital Color Printer is more suited to short run lengths where print quality is not as crucial. Although DPF do not generally deal in digital colour printers, it may be possible to source a press for you upon request, please ask.

DC PressThe two processes of digital printing...

Both processes are quite different and give different results. DI Presses are based on an offset, or "conventional" printing method that develops the image automatically, direct to plate and may be waterless, the DI press transfers the image to paper by use of conventional printing inks. Digital Color Printers use electrophotography, Inkjet, or Xerography to develop the image to paper with toners, dry-inks, or dyes.

The three types of digital printed product...

The three different types of digital printing are
On-Demand, Variable Data, and Web-to-Print.

On-demand Printing

On-Demand, or Print-on-Demand (POD), allows for the production of small to medium amounts of printing. This is perfect for companies that need to constantly update their printed pieces, or supply regular printed information and advertising to thier customers.

Where both quick delivery and high quality printed results are crucial, a waterless DI Press is perfect, as print drying times are very quick making larger print runs easy to supply in a short period. DPF deal in the very best used DI digital presses from the very best names in the business such as Heidelberg, KBA Karat & Presstek and can source and supply a quality press, specifically suited to your type of work.

A Digital Color Printer, on the other hand, is more suited to small amounts of On-Demand printing, where quality and colour consistency are not so crucial.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP), or Variable Image Printing, is a customised and personalised type of digital printing. Computer Databases containing specific consumer information make copies of the same print design, personalised for each recipient. For example, when you receive direct mail with your name and/or address personalised in the text it is probably helped along with VDP digital printing techniques. VDP digital printing is perfect for giving the same basic information to a group, while also personalising the information to each individual customer.

Web-to-Print Printing

Web-to-Print digital printing, or Web-Enabled printing, allows for direct mail pieces to be customised and personalised online in a print management program. Clients and customers can even choose images or photographs to include in their printed materials such as brochures. When the piece is complete, a proof will be shown on screen and one click sends it to print. The printer can usually dispatch the required quantity of digital print to the client in one or two business days.

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