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DPF Customer Testimonials

Some of the comments we have received from
our satisfied customers.

"I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about buying a used DI press again, having had a bad experience in the past where I was just left with a useless pile of metal! After numerous demonstrations at Digipress, I finally purchased a Heidelberg DI Plus, fully refurbished. The staff at Digipress have been great from start to finish. The press has now been in over two years and I still ring Digipress if I need any advice". Simon, Premier Graphics, Anglesey
"As a designer with no real clue about print, I decided to go with DigipressFinder as I knew our company would really need both training and after sales support. DPF not only trained us following installation, but then came back to do a refresher, they even returned to train a new member of staff three months later. The press is fantastic and has been virtually problem free". Andy, Magus Creative, Warrington
"Having bought new DI equipment in the past I found it very refreshing to go to a used dealer and get better support and advice than I have ever had before! Digipressfinder certainly saved me lots of money, without the risk of buying second hand. Our turnover is up 35% and the press hasn't even been in a year". Steve, Sprint Print, Swansea
"Digipressfinder are a great team, really friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anybody wanting a used press”. Paul, Paramount, Stoke-on-Trent
"For us the ongoing support was invaluable. Having a new press is scary and it is great to know help is always at hand as you get to know your machine. The press is fantastic and the team at Digipress are great. I was tempted to buy blind from the internet, but I am really glad I didn't now, as I have heard many horror stories since. It took us a while to learn the press and without Digipress I don't know who I would of turned to or what it may have cost me in both money and time". Satay, Printrite, Coventry
"I was amazed at the service from Digipress. I rang with a problem on the Tuesday afternoon and a replacement part and technician were waiting for me first thing Wednesday morning. Now that is service"! Graham, Somerton Printery, Somerset
"I was uncertain about buying a used DI press at all, being out in Spain. But Digipressfinder have stuck to their word 100% and taken the time to fly out on four separate occasions during the first 6 months. I am most impressed. My main problem was that my printer had no litho/digital experience as he was a silkscreen printer previously, thanks to all the training and help from Digipress he is now running the press really well and we have more work than we can handle! If I had bought elsewhere, I would have lost a lot of money and been stuck with press we didn't know how to run. The response time was amazing with somebody coming out within a day or so of my SOS call". Neil Higgins, Med-Print, Costa Blanca