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DPF Press Breakdowns and Servicing

DPF's continued after-sales customer care means that you are never alone should a problem arise ...


DPF sell all presses with tailored warranties to suit your specific press. But what about the future? The good news is you are not alone, we can continue to offer support and advice long after a press is installed. We can also provide telephone & skype webcam assistance saving you a huge amount of money on the cost of having to call out an engineer just to diagnose a problem, which may then involve a further visit to install the part or make the repair. Quite often the problem can be resolved via webcam at hardly any cost at all, but if we do detect a problem which requires further attention, our engineers are equipped and ready to resolve it usually within 24 hours in the UK, due to our vast amount of on-site press spares. No other company can offer this unique service and this rapid response approach of course means less press downtime for you, saving you time and money all round.


DPF can provide the servicing you require to suit your budget. You can continue to take out yearly warranties to cover all major parts. You also can take out yearly service contracts with us to keep your press in premium condition, considerably reducing the chances of any breakdowns. These options can be easily paid for via direct debit on a monthly basis to spread out the cost.


Due to our vast experience of all aspects of digital design and print, DPF can also offer full digital workflow options to carry your job through from artwork to press as smoothly and simply as possible and ensure consistent quality throughout all of your printwork. Workflow solutions, can be tailored to suit your needs, from simple job processing packages, through to full preflight, imposition, proofing and print options.


Save money when moving or re-siting presses by using our team of fully qualified engineers.
Whether re-siting a press within your existing premises, or moving to a completely new location, DPF can ensure that the process runs smoothly and safely, managing the whole operation from start to finish, including professional, safe, transportation where required.


Ready for an upgrade? You may have started with a Heidelberg Classic and now want to upgrade to a
Plus or Pro, this can be arranged at the most competitive rates. You may of course just have a press to sell for a number of reasons. Contact us for a no obligation valuation.

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